Waterfalls in Olympic National Park

6 Most Stunning Waterfalls in Olympic National Park 2023

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It’s no secret that the Pacific North West is one of the rainiest places in the USA, and that translates into Olympic National Park being one of the wettest National Parks. Some areas of Olympic National Park can get up to 170 inches of rain per year! That’s over 14 feet of rain!

America the Beautiful

All that rain could really put a damper on your spirits, OR you can see it as a gift. Rain is the gift that makes Olympic National Park so special. The rain is what gives the waterfalls of Olympic National Park their beauty.

The constant rain keeps them flowing year-round, framed by 50 shades of green in the form of moss, ferns, and evergreen trees.

Olympic National Park is a wonderland of Pacific Northwest forest, mountains, and coastline. Within the park are countless waterfalls, some large and dramatic, others small and tucked away in the corners of the park.

Whether you’re looking for a short hike to a waterfall or an all-day adventure into the backcountry, Olympic National Park has something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite waterfalls in Olympic National Park.

The waterfalls in Olympic National Park are beautiful, tranquil, and for the most part, easy to get to.

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Waterfalls in Olympic National Park

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls Olympic National Park

About the Falls:

Sol Duc Falls is the poster child for waterfalls in Olympic National Park. They are definitely the most photographed and picturesque falls within the park. The falls split into 3 or 4 channels depending on the water flow and time of year. The falls tumble 37 feet and then another 11 feet into the gorge.


Sol Duc Falls is located in the Sol Duc Valley near Port Angeles. They are located near the famous Sol Duc Hot Springs. The hot springs are available at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, for a fee you can soak in them even if you aren’t a guest at the resort.

Hike Details:

To get to Sol Duc Falls, you can take an easy, family-friendly hike that leads to an overlook viewpoint. The hike to Sol Duc Falls is 1.6 miles round trip, rated as easy, and can be completed in about one hour.

You can continue past Sol Duc Falls onto Lovers Lane for a chance to explore more of the old-growth forest and a few additional waterfalls. The Lovers Lane hike is 5.8 miles roundtrip.

Mineral Creek Falls

About the Falls:

Mineral Creek Falls is 66 feet tall and is surrounded by a mossy cliff. The falls lead to a shallow gulley below. To see the most volume from Mineral Creek Falls visit during the winter or spring.


Mineral Creek Falls is located along the Hoh River, in the Hoh Rain Forest section of Olympic National Park, near Forks Washington. To get to the hike to see Mineral Creek Falls, park near the visitor center of the Hoh Rain Forest.

Hike Details:

This hike starts in the same location as the Hall of Mosses, one of the most popular hikes in Olympic National Park. The hike is Hoh River Trail to 5-mile island. To get to the falls, you’ll only need to hike about 2.5 miles. Keep an eye out for the Roosevelt Elk herd that inhabits this area.

Marymere Falls

Waterfalls in Olympic National Park

About the Falls:

Marymere Falls is one of the easiest-to-see waterfalls in Olympic National Park. Set in a beautiful moss-covered forest, just behind the very scenic Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls is a must-see while visiting Olympic National Park. Marymere Falls cascades 90 feet into a plunge pool below.


Marymere Falls is located next to Lake Crescent near Port Angeles Washington. You’ll begin your hike at the historic Mount Storm King Ranger Station. The trail to Marymere Falls shares a portion of the trail to Mount Storm King, one of the most iconic hikes in Olympic National Park.

Hike Details:

The hike to Marymere Falls is considered easy with very little elevation gain. The total roundtrip distance is 1.8 miles and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Madison Falls

Best Waterfalls in Olympic National Park

Royal Basin Falls

About the Falls:

Royal Basin Falls is a huge waterfall that is nearly as wide as it is tall. These incredible falls tumble nearly 61 feet. The falls are from glacier melt and have good volume year-round.


Royal Basin Falls is located near Sequim Washington. You’ll cross into the Olympic National Park boundary on your hike, but the parking lot and trail start outside the park boundaries. You’ll need to have an NW Forest Pass to park here. Alternatively, if you have purchased the America the Beautiful Pass you can use that for your entrance to Olympic National Park AND in lieu of the NW Forest Pass.

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Hike Details:

You’ll hike just over 7 miles on a challenging hike to get to these gorgeous falls. Continue on to Royal Basin for one of the best hikes in Washington State. The total hike is about 18 miles and is a popular hike for backpacking as you can camp at Royal Basin. Tip: Bring bug spray and a head net.

Enchanted Valley (Valley of 1,000 Waterfalls)

About the Falls:

Let’s start with the full disclosure that I don’t really think there are 1000 waterfalls, so don’t come for me. But, there are a lot of waterfalls and they stream down the mountains and into the valley, and they are glorious.


The enchanted valley is located in the Quinault rainforest area of Olympic National Park. You’ll need a Wildnerness permit to hike here. You can get your permit from Recreation.gov (click here)

Hike Details:

This hike is 26 miles round trip. This is a backpacking trip that most people spend 3-4 days doing. You will need a permit for each night you plan on staying. You’ll also need a bear canister for keeping anything that smells locked away. This area is home to many black bears. It is a beautiful hike through mossy woods to get to Enchanted Valley. Once you get to your destination, you’ll not only be greeted by “1,000” waterfalls, but also a photogenic chalet that has been around for nearly 100 years!

The best waterfalls in Olympic National Park

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, make sure to check out the waterfalls at Olympic National Park. With so many falls to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start! Make sure to bring your camera and enjoy a day of hiking in one of America’s most beautiful national parks.

I don’t want to steal any thunder from Olympic, but Mount Rainier has some pretty incredible waterfalls too! You can check them out right here!

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