Bimini Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas: What you need to know before you go

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Bimini Bahamas has been a well-known escape for Floridians for years now. They have always had the option for Bimini weekend getaways! Lucky for those of us that don’t live in Florida, now Bimini is a Virgin Cruise line and Carnival cruise port.

Bimini is a small island with resorts, great free beaches, incredible water and plenty of adventures to be had.

Bimini cruise port is new, so the tour operators are still figuring things out. The number of visitors that arrive on the ships outnumber the residents of this small piece of paradise.

If you visit Bimini Cruise Port in the near future, be sure and be prepared for a little bit of chaos and disorganization. Be patient, and go with the flow, and you are sure to have a great Bimini Bahamas trip.

About Bimini

Bimini Cruise Port

Bimini is the furthest west of all of the Bahamian Islands. It is located 50 miles east of the Florida coast, and 127 miles NorthWest of Nassau. Bimini is comprised of 2 main islands, North Bimini and South Bimini. The total area of both islands combined is only 8.8 sq miles. Cruises will dock in North Bimini. The airport is located in South Bimini. You can take a ferry between the islands.

How to get to Bimini

The most common way to visit Bimini is by ferry. You can ferry from Fort Lauderdale or Miami in just under 2 hours. The cost varies by company and day. You can ferry back and forth on the same day, or choose to stay for a day or 2.

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Another option to visit Bimini is by taking a seaplane. These planes take off from private airstrips and land in North Bimini in under an hour. Pricing and departure times vary.

Of course, there are commercial flights as well from Florida and New York if you want to go that route. Silver Airways is the most common airline between the US and Bimini.

The newest way to experience Bimini cruise port is by cruise ship. There are several fun shore excursions at the Bimini Cruise Port. I swam with sharks at Bimini cruise port: You can check out my Bimini Shark Swimming experience here. There is also snorkeling, sunbathing, and parasailing in Bimini. You can also check out the Bimini Casino if you want to get out of the sun!

Where to stay in Bimini

Once on Bimini, you have a few options for places to stay. There are some incredible resorts to stay in, or you can stay in a home rental. Because Bimini is so small, no matter where you stay, you’ll never be far from the action.

Hilton at Resorts World Bimini

Photo courtesy of Hilton Resorts

This gorgeous resort features a casino, delicious restaurants, lively bars, a spa as well as an adult-only rooftop pool. All of this in addition to the beautiful turquoise water and white sands beach make this an incredible getaway to Bimini. You can also swim with dolphins, parasail, snorkel, or go for a ride in a glass-bottom boat. Hilton at Resorts World Bimini is located on North Bimini about 5 miles from the airport.

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Bimini Big Game Club

This boutique resort is located on the Marina in North Bimini. You can dock your boat right outside your room! The resort features penthouses, cottages, and rooms that you are sure to love. Its location is perfect for everything Bimini has to offer.

photo from Bimini Big Game Club

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What to do in Bimini

Radio Beach Bimini

You’re in the Bahamas, so think BEACH DAY! Bimini has wonderful free beaches. Perfect, white sand lines the crystal clear turquoise water. If you are staying at the Hilton, you can spend your days at Resorts World Bimini Beach.

This beautiful beach is 4.5 acres of perfection. You can rent cabanas, and enjoy bars, food, pools, and the beach. You can also buy a pass to spend the day here if you are coming on a cruise.

Radio Beach is a great option for a beach day! It’s located within walking distance of the downtown straw market. There are also bars and restaurants located on the beach.

Dolphin house Bimini
Dolphin House Bimini, Bahamas Photo Courtesy of Dominic Cox

Dolphin House is one of the most unique buildings in the Bahamas. Created by local artist and historian Ashley Saunders, the house is made of shells and sea glass, and other natural artifacts.

Dolphin house is located near Radio Beach, and you can stop by and meet with Mr. Saunders, you’ll not only be able to see an incredible piece of art, but learn the history of the island from a local. Be sure and add the Dolphin House to your Bimini itinerary!

Dolphin House
Dolphin House Bimini, Photo Courtesy of Dominic Cox

Bimini is also known as the fishing capital of the world. Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, and more are the biggest catches in Bimini Waters. Bimini is also home to 40 species of sharks. These include tiger sharks, bull sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks, and nurse sharks. December – April, you may also see hammerheads in the waters off Bimini. Be sure and take a boat trip while in Bimini!

Bimini is home to the  Bimini Biological Field Station – or Shark Lab in partnership with Save Our Seas Foundation. This educational research lab is currently not open to the public, but under “normal” times, you can do a tour here, or even book a shark expedition. Check their website for current updates.

If you are heading to Bimini Cruise Port you should read:

How to spend one day in Bimini

Where to eat in Bimini

No doubt, anytime you are in the Bahamas you need to eat Conch. It’s pronounced (CONK) and it is a local favorite. A conch is a sea mollusk that can be eaten in numerous ways.

The most popular are conch fritters (breaded and fried) or Conch Salad (raw, cured with lime, and served with bell peppers and other seasonings. It’s a bit chewy and not overly “fishy” and you should definitely give it a try.

When I was in Bimini, I asked a few locals where to eat, and these are the recommendations I received.

Big Mikes Fresh Conch Salad & Grill – located in Alicetown, not open on the weekends.

Bimini Big Johns- Also located in Alice Town, closed on Mondays

Ediths Pizza – Located in Bailey Town, open until 8 every day

Have fun!

No matter what you decide to do in Bimini, you will want to have strong sunscreen. The sun here is no joke. Be sure to always use only Reef Safe sunscreen products to protect this beautiful environment.

Even reef-safe sunscreen can be harmful to native habitats, so I always recommend wearing a rash guard to protect your arms and back. This reduces the amount of sunscreen you need to apply.

You can rent a golf cart to explore the island, or there is a tram if you are staying at the Hilton that takes you to the beach. You can also hire a taxi for a set price. It was $5 USD per person for anywhere we needed to go.

I must warn you though… the taxis can be a bit scary. The roads are narrow, there are cars parked on either side, and the drivers just GO. It is an adventure for sure. Buckle up, lol.

You are going to LOVE Bimini. The water is gorgeous, the weather is amazing, and the beaches are to die for. Have fun!

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